I need projector for my Home for viewing movies, you tube etc. What should I buy?

Our all models are good to produce high quality images, but we recommend following for Home Cinema needs;

3D02, HD5801, HD 403

I need a projector which is needs to be fixed to Ceiling using Ceiling Mount.

HD 5801, 3D02 and LED 501 can easily be fixed to ceiling using Ceiling Mount/Wall Mount

I am interested in a Projector with 3D facility.

3D02 is  a 3D projector having DLP panel which has facility to connect to DLP Shutter Glasses which can help display 3D content from up/down or side to side 3D content. 

I need a projector which is wireless and is portable.

HD 403 is a portable projector with Leather handle strip and can be easily moved to any place. It produces HD images with high quality.

I want to buy good projector but I have very low budget.

We recommend to go for LED 501 or LED 401. LED 501 has Android 8 O/S and  LED 401 is the basic projector but with very good quality and brightness.

There are so many projectors in market with same specs. and look similar to your projectors. How do we 
know Holkoi projectors are better than other models?

Most of the projectors look same as the plastic cabinets are outsourced from open market, so manufacturers buy these cabinets from these  common vendors. That is why cabinets look similar but  what matters is the kind of components being used by the manufacturer plus how good is the  quality control procedure. 

We have latest testing machines  and have stringent aging testing procedure before delivering to customers. This ensures almost zero defects. We use high quality LED lamps and optics in our projectors. Even some products directly imported by us are re-tested for Indian conditions. Our projectors have excel in following parameters;

* Uniformity - All our projectors have 90% or more uniformity meaning that images at corners are as good as in center of the image.

* Key Stone Correction - Most of our models have either Auto key stone correction or 4 D key stone correction so that you get perfect rectangular images.

* Brightness and Resolution - Our range of projectors have maximum Brightness and resolution in their classes making them edge apart from competition. That is why our competitors who claim similar specifications, are not able to produce such quality.

What makes Holkoi projectors better choice?

We deliver more than we claim. We source components from world famous companies like Texas Instruments USA, OSRAM Germany and get Mother Boards assembled on latest state of art SMT machines. We ensure that our products meet or exceed quality requirements.

We have local infrastructure in India itself, which helps up give better support to our customers ensuring 99.9% uptime.