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          Holkoi               4K Smart      Projector 3D 05


Holkoi  3D 05

Smart 3D LED Projector with DLP Panel

From Home to  meeting room to presentations anywhere on the road


Holkoi LED Projector  3D05  is a high performance 4K Portable Projector designed specially for office, Education & Home Cinema applications using T1 0.45 inch WVGA DMD*RGB LED panel with LED technology.It has been uniquely designed with Handle to make it easy to carry  it anywhere.




* Perfect HD Projector

* 7 0.45 inch DMD DLP Chip

* Quad Core 2GB RAM, 32 GB ROM.

* 1 HDMI, 2 USB, AV, 

* Resolution: 4K Max 1080 HD Native

* LED lamp 50000 Hrs

* Dust Free Optics

* 7500 Lumens

* Contrast Ratio: 20000:1 Dynamic

*  Wifi, Miracast and Blue tooth



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sky117 details (3).jpg
sky117 details (5).jpg
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