Smart Classes, Interactive White Boards & Panels

Smart Classes 


Holkoi brings you Smart classroom technology  that holds the key to shaping  futures of our younger generations . We develop solutions turning chalkboards into new, interactive smart whiteboards or large touch panels.  Interactive Whiteboards are currently used in thousands of classrooms all over the world. Teachers and students love Holkoi Interactive whiteboards because they are easy to use, have a plethora of teaching tools, offer superb software options, are highly engaging, are able to work online or offline and are extremely cost-effective.


     Interactive White Boards

Holkoi Interactive white Boards comes with Ceramic/Resin coated surface  and size of 82" or 95".


  • Optical imaging touch Technology.

  • Multi User touch

  • Ultra High precision.

  • Ultra- fast  response speed

  • Hard light resistant

  • Easy to install, upgrade & maintain

  • Highly integrated.

  • Cost effective

  • Long life. 

  • Smooth integration with short throw projector.


     Interactive Panels

Holkoi Interactive panels have excellent resolution and comes with sizes of 55", 65", 75" and 86".


  • Tempered Anti Glare surface, flicker free.

  • 10/20 point User touch

  • Ultra High precision.

  • Integrated Sound bar

  • Multiple input and output

  • Wireless Projection built in

  • 30000 hours backlight life

  • Plug and play

  • Long life. 

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    Smart Class Solutions

Holkoi is front runner in offering Smart Class solutions to clients . Our solution revolutionizes Classroom Experience.



  • PC screen is projected onto the whiteboard, and you have full control of your teaching software and other applications using the e-pen (which communicates with the computer through the interactive device’s intuitive signal receiver).

  • A high quality  All in one Cabinet is installed alongside the white board which houses PC, speaker system, Visualizer and teaching software

  • Teacher has the option to use course material from the content provided by us or can use visualizer to read from the book or he or she can write her own notes using the pen or fingers.

  • Smooth integration with short throw projector.