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Home Cinema Solutions

Call us at +91 7829420702 to schedule a visit of our expert to your site. 

Holkoi specializes in building professional Home Cinema set-ups customized to cater individual  requirement meeting global standards. Our specially trained engineers survey the site, create the design and  draw acoustic parameters  like sound levels, noise and echo. Based on client requirements  suitable hardware/ software, seating systems, interiors are recommended. 

To quicken the decision making process we have carefully selected three Home Cinema System packages: 

Bronze Home Cinema 


Suitable for 200-500 sqt. Room. ( Cost Ranges from 1.5 lacs to 5 lacs)


The system is suitable for most average sized rooms, however if

your room is larger than about 200 Sq. ft. we’d suggest going for

a larger screen and a more powerful amplifier. 

This Package consists of:

  • 5.1 Home Theater System, Yamaha YHT 1840 or 5.1 Sound Bar system.

  • HD 5801  Projector with ceiling mount

  • Screen from 6’ by 4’ to 9’ by 6’

  • Basic installation programming and commissioning*

  • Acoustics and installation


Basic installation consists of fixing the projector, Screen, Laying of cables and

Acoustic treatment .For a more sophisticated installation

we will need to do a survey and quote specifically.



 Silver Home Cinema 

Suitable for 400-600 Sq ft. Rooms ( Cost Ranges from 2.5 lacs to 7.5 Lacs )


This package Consists of :

  • 5.1 Home Theater System, Yamaha YHT 370, JBL, Pioneer etc.

  • 3D 02/ HD5801  projector with ceiling mount

  • Screen from 8’ by 6’ to 10’ by 8’

  • Basic installation programming and commissioning.


Our Silver Home Cinema Package provides sound and image

of high performing quality. The Projector recommended is 3D02

with high quality HD projection capability.

Coupled with high wattage Speaker system produces a picture and

sound output that would please ardent audiophiles.

Although an average Blu-Ray player will serve the purpose, Yet  we

recommend the Sony Blue Ray player. 

The Silver Home Cinema Package system is suitable for rooms up

up to 30' x 20' or so in size.


Gold Home Cinema 


Suitable for 400 Sq. ft. and above Rooms ( Rs. 5 lacs and above)


This package Consists of :

  • 5.1 or 7.2 Home Theater System, Yamaha RX series, Denon,  Hermann or JBL

  • Amplifiers  and Combination of Tall Boy and other speakers.

  • High Definition Projector with ceiling mount

  • Screen from 8’ by 6’ to 16’ by 9’

  • Basic installation programming and commissioning


The HiFi Cinema Gold Standard Home Cinema package really

puts the HiFi into Home Cinema! We have picked some of the

best for this package, choosing high performers in each area. The package

includes  Acoustics, Flooring, Ceiling, Recliners together with high gain fixed

frame Screen.  

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